5 Year Product Warranty

Brevont guarantees that Brevont-branded products are free from manufacturing and/or material defects, provided they are used in compliance with their intended use, for a period of five years from the invoice date.

The Warranty shall only be valid provided that:

• Defective goods is reported within 1 month (thirty days) from purchase date of its discovery, in writing, with description and proof of defect;
• Goods are used in conformity with the Specification and any Instructions provided by the Company;
• Goods are professionally installed by a qualified registered contractor and/or specialised technical staff in compliance with the instructions downloadable from Brevont website;
• Temperature and voltage limit values are not exceeded and the good is not subjected to mechanical loads which do not comply with its intended use;
• The Customer has duly paid for the Goods in accordance with the payment terms of the relevant sales contract;
• The Customer presents the purchase invoice for the Goods;
• The Goods supplied are installed in UK or Europe.

The Warranty shall not cover:

• Good defects caused by unforeseen and unforeseeable events, accidental circumstances and/or force majeure such as lighting, floods, fires, or impact of environmental, climatic or any other conditions that cannot be ascribed to a defective Good manufacturing process.
• Defect occurs because of damage caused during installation;
• Defect occurs as a result of using additional parts or materials which are not provided or suggested without written consent by Brevont, including in-house modification and customisation;
• Damage caused by transport or any other logistic accident;
• Lamps and driver that fail within expected lifetime margin;
• Damage caused by vandalism acts;
• Good defects arises caused installed in a different environment suggested by Brevont;
• Customer alters or modifies such Goods without written consent and approbation of Brevont;
• Paintwork defects caused by contact with the ground, chemical substances, fertilizers, water containing corrosive agents and stray electrical currents.

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